Taking care of websites

We look after websites making sure that everything is running well.


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Custom Coding

Modifying code so it works more efficiently and does the things it's meant to do. Most websites are built using frameworks that can be quite generic. A few tweaks of PHP coding can make all the difference. Coding also in Python and C for embedded microcontroller applications.

Server Management

Remote configuration and management of Linux Servers. LAMP stack (Linux Apache web server, PHP, MySQL), Disaster Recovery. Amazon AWS Cloud Computing. Bash scripting. Server hardening.

Technical Authoring

Documenting projects with change controls. Functional specifications. Creating documentation in a clear readable manner.


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Keeping in-house projects working

The majority of our work and focus is on our own in-house projects, running our own websites and servers. We are in effect our own customers, which is fun. Working with Google Adsense keeps the wheels turning.

We have our own physical servers that we own and run, which are co-located in a datacentre in Manchester. We also make use of AWS Amazon cloud services for service redundancy, for their super-fast content distribution network, and for disaster recovery.


Rewarding and enjoyable

Community projects

Technical networking

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netAerial.com Limited

Europa House,

Barcroft Street,

Bury, Lancashire