Wireless Broadband

We provide wireless broadband solutions. The net by aerial.

About us

netAerial.com aim is to provide affordable fast internet access to businesses and home users. Our efforts are concentrated in areas where conventional broadband is unavailable, and in areas where there is particular business need for the services.



netAerial.com also supply equipment and services to allow other groups and communities set up wireless broadband.

netAerial.com will also support community groups in their campaigns in bringing a netAerial Wireless Broadband solution to their area, from going to their initial meetings, dealing with local authorities and development agencies to canvassing, and with the final rollout of installations

In order to allow netAerial to provide reliability, only Linux operating systems are used on the network servers and internet servers.


netAerial.com Limited

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Company No 5024259

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Europa House,
Barcroft Street,
United Kingdom